The captain of Sakura Josui through most of the series. He is Josui's best player, and takes a large amount of substitute players into the team once he becomes the team's captain. At the start of the series, he is quiet and somewhat arrogant. However, Shou and the other teammates become his friends and he quickly becomes much more friendly.

It is shown that Tatsuya has a great disliking of his father, coincidentally the captain of the rival soccer team Musashinomori. He also has a rather attractive mother, as noted by his soccer teammates. Like his mother, he is actually found to be rather attractive by the opposite sex which is noted occassionally when the team is training. Girls can be seen cheering for him, only for Tatsuya not caring whatsoever.

First appearance: Volume 1, STAGE.1


Tatsuya attended Sakuri Josui middle School.

Three years later, Tatsuya was invited to join the Japanese U-19 team along with fellow Sakura Josui players Daichi Fuwa, Shigeki Fujimura and Kazamatsuri Sho.